Some new hentai translations

“Seikimatsu kara no Houkentaiiku” & “Ganbare” “Onegai Figure-chan,” & “Nyoutaika Case 003″ (by Okashi factory), were translated and all are tg.  Check the farhad forum for details.

(I might also stop updating information on hentai on the downloads page.)

Also translated bi-sexer on a word document.

Also translated a 4 page figure transformation.

I’m not sure what to work on from here. Some stuff I’m not crazy about but have considered are:

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Nanka Kanojo – Capitolo 12

nk10z (1)

There is always some humorless killjoy who subscribes just to report any new nanka kanojo chapters they don’t like for deletion. So then all the translations get deleted. But its not like anyone else ever has or will translate them. Batoto is full of idiots…

So just for that guy I’ll keep the Italian chapter here while I remove the English one that I had posted here. He can keep waiting until kingdom come for someone else to translate it.
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Nanka Kanojo Chapter 11 (First Part)

nk10z (1)

This chapter was released by the author in two parts.  I already translated the gist of it, but here is the first half typeset.

One of my favorite tweets was of confusion from the author last May:
” あれだ、ほら、犬耳がなぜか英語?に訳されて海外サイトに流されてたのが少なからずあれだ、な? “
Huh? Why is Nanka Kanojo in translated into English and overflowing on foreign sites?

Musings on the decline of manga updates

These days mangaupdates doesnt receive enough updates to be useful for much after online manga readers took off. It especially fails for stories from h-magazine series and for web comics. I cannot rely on the site to be up to date on anything other than Naruto.

Unless it changes to accept a wider breadth of contributions, I see it going the way of the dodo.

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