Neko Ane chapter 5



Finished a rough draft of chapter 5 via word document. Honestly this chapter has so little text it doesn’t require much of a translation. It’s so simple I sped through it…

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I’m not sure when new chapters are coming, but you can expect a little break. Even if I do get all the new volumes the entire process of scanlating takes a crazy amount of time, and I doubt I could translate 5 more volumes of this without skipping many chapters. (If there’s anyone following my releases, they’ll know I’ve done that a lot of skipping around in the past.) Incidentally, I read on a Japanese forum that the ending is “moving” and I hope to confirm that for myself someday…

Neko Ane Chapter 4

y fan art (3)


I have a feeling this chapter is easy to relate to for anyone who has studied Japanese to read a light novel, only to learn light novels are shit. Replace “light novel” with manga, visual novel, or Japanese history and you’ll cover 90% of the disillusionment cases out there. What’s beautiful about this chapter is that many of those who read it scanlated have studied Japanese recently enough for the struggles with kanji to still be fresh in their minds. If you can still bear to study Japanese while knowing most novels will look like shit, you are a hero.

As an aside, I am going on vacation so expect a delay. The next chapter, chapter 5 concludes the first volume, and I’m not in a hurry to finish it. Why you might ask? Well because I don’t have any more raws after that, so why rush? I’ve tried to purchase new volumes, (online and through the local specialty book store), but I can’t get them to ship them….either that or they’ve gone out of stock. Irregardless of the reason, I will need help with acquiring the raws, otherwise the future does not look bright for this scanlation.   At least, I’ve learned how to make the scanner work better…

Steam is a Circus run by charlantans

Table of Recent Criticism for GBDTE :

(I will now curate some interesting recent responses to Zet & DK’s project)

My response to greenlight
Japanese Tweets
Chocobo Sophie’s response
Skiegh’s response (the writer of Press Switch)
Desslock’s responses (on coding and writing)
Farhad tg censorship update
Old criticism

To prevent my Steam comment from ever being deleted by the “objective moderators” (on Steam that would mean the 2 creators), I’ll repost it here:

Steam is a circus run by charlantans, and we are the abused participants in the ring.  I wish the clowns in the audience had greenlit the stupid rock game instead; at least that one is an honest joke, unlike this….money-grubbing abomination that Frankenstein himself would have had the decency to kill before it laid eggs. Continue reading

Imouto Install


I saw this a long time ago, but I suddenly got the urge to translate this…mostly because of the pages of text.

I only translated the manga images and have not done the “dialog” pages in between which would have taken forever.

However, I did translate one page of the text. Imouto Install can be downloaded on ehentai.

Honestly I don’t really want to finish scanlating the last chapter of Wanoja… Even when I find a project I like that’s fun to translate such as Imouto Install, scanlation takes too much time so I still plan to cut back on it.   I’m inclined to log out of e-hentai so I won’t be tempted to translate anything new, and I’ll return to appreciating JAV.

Without scanlation, maybe I’ll turn this into a personal blog and start posting inane things?
Boku to Imouto no Irekawari manga  by osse

Gonna translate part of this and just upload what I have.   I don’t feel inclined to do everything.

Sensualaoi – THE manga blog

Manga translated or typeset by “Sensualaoi” are on this blog.  Most stories here have supernatural themes, and half of them focus on transgender/gender dysphoria.  



I’ve realized that my blog has always been hard to find, and I’m going to experiment with this entry until that’s fixed.  In retrospect “Sensualareola” was a horrible replacement name when my old blog was shut down, because Google can’t figure out that queries to “sensualaoi wordpress blog” should go to sensualareola.   

WordPress won’t save my metatags either, so let’s see old fashion plain text works…




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