Update: It’s 2017 and Japanese artists are still getting ripped off

The average take home price seems to be below 60%, (plus they receive the 8% tax which I assume artists have to turn over to the government.)

I’ve read about this before, and it still amuses me how they let themselves be ripped off by online platforms. You would think they would band together and make their own platform. Where are the enterprising individuals among them?


Nevermind that though, I’m posting an update to say I’m not dead. I didn’t really leave the scanlation scene as I had planned, and instead moved to erotic manga.

But even there I will likely take another break soon enough. I’ve realized that there’s a lot that never makes it to the west, not even in Japanese, and I could at least help with providing information on that front. Being a provider and preserver of data is honestly more useful for everyone than merely being a translator of things we already know about.

It’s a sad thing to have read so many things that English speakers will never know about. You really should get a rudimentary understanding of Japanese if you decide after a few years in the fandom that you like manga or Japanese things, and it isn’t just some passing fad for you. Just a little Japanese goes a long ways, when a dictionary can fill in the gaps (because honestly, there will always be a word you won’t know, and sometimes the definition refers to something you won’t know in any language, and that’s what wikipedia is for.)

Btw, if anyone knows of an “unmoderated” Japanese forum for shitposting and creative self-expression, let me know. I’d like to get more involved with writing in Japanese rather than just reading it, but frankly, most Japanese are boring drones I don’t even want to talk to. Online they can open up a little under pseudo-anonmity, but most people are boring (I’m talking about all people in general.)

I’d also like to leave the western languages to get away from the crazy SJWs who have infected the English transgender community and silenced both creativity and freedom of expression, out of favoring liberal principles and institutions. I cannot respect outside censorship of ideas and verbal argument in any form, and so I can’t stand such communities, especially since the often lack a sense of self-aware humor that conservatives tend to have. You can’t tell a single joke around modern liberals without being scolded on principles, or because it offends someone.

So I’ve been working with a handful of people to try and make a transgendered online forum that deeply respects freedom of speech and the right of any member to disagree vigorously and vibrantly. I really hope a forum of that frame of mind takes off because I feel that the internet is becoming a lot more censored, less creative, and less tolerant of contrarian ideas as the normies have gone online and replaced creatively expressive homepages with boring standardized portals.

If the forum doesn’t get enough people and take off, I probably will reduce my involvement with the transgender community, (and manga by extension.) I simply do not like the direction things are going, and will not be a part of it. I was holding out hope for the Japanese TG community and artists, but going off of twitter, I find their views on scanlation too ill-thought out to be worth listening to.

So I might have to finally part ways with the TG scanlation scene as Taruby did a couple years back, although for different reasons. He left over disgust with piracy and the fandom’s apathy. I also dislike their apathy, but I’ll leave while holding that he was wrong about the evils of piracy and much too principled about it.

Moreover, I’m more interested in leaving it because I want to find a vibrancy that I think is fading here, even though the manga and scanlation communities are officially devoted to art making and storytelling.

(Note: this was an old draft.)

Kanon Doujin: COLORS!5 Kanon 10 Shuunen Kinen Special (Kanon) translated

Title: (COMIC1☆3) [Watsukiya (Watsuki Rumi)] COLORS!5 Kanon 10 Shuunen Kinen Special (Kanon) [English] [sensualaoi]

description: In this e-hentai translation Yuuichi bones Ayu, and then Nayuki.  (I also translated a short sample of something tg, but I still,don’t plan on coming out retirement.)

In other news I noticed someone has retranslated the first two chapters of Neko Ane on Batoto, which I have not looked at yet, but I’m glad someone was willing to redo chapter one which had horrible scans.  Someone also retranslated my Utopia by Hatch ero manga, but without the light sabers or cockroach censorship I inserted. Unfortunately my version was expunged. There are too many kill joys in manga scanlation.


I also stumbled upon this tg manga.


C78 promising doujin games list

Youtube Personally I’ll be keeping an eye on: Touhou : “Pang”, “Touhou: Double Focus,” Skylens, Kamio recoil, & Magical X Spiral. Some cute games I wouldn’t try are: Touhou hoverboard racing,   the comiket sim, Embyro,  NonetConcertoDistortion, Kasa no naka ame. Most of these games are derivative, and even the ones that have original characters have at their root gameplay cloned from other well-known games.

The 3rd of January:

I haven’t felt the urge to scanlate anything for quite a while.  In fact, last year I saw less and less manga/anime, so maybe I’m growing out of my old hobbies.  I guess it is normal to move on, eventually.  I was into manga for so long, and I  guess scanlation marked the height of that passion, but these days my mind has been far away from anything Japanese.  I was too absorbed with it for so many years, that I literally became tired of looking at it.

Hard to say if this will be my retirement post, but I don’t expect my energy for manga to return to the same peak as when I found it fresh.  Finding free time is not the obstacle, but rather I’m less interested in consuming other peoples’ fiction as I grow up.  In my years here, I encountered a lot of people, had a lot of fun conversations, and enjoyed expressing myself.  I’m not sure where the legend of sensualaoi will lead to, but the best stories are full of secrets, and over-exposure would ruin the fun.

Senualaoi signing out.

Minor translation: Holy Mountain Deluxe (Kanon)

Holy mountain Deluxe (Kanon), by Nyanko House, has been translated into romanji on e-hentai. 


(It probably has a few typos, but most of the romanji should be correct.  Wasn’t sure whether to draw out the last syllable, which they do a lot in this doujin.)

– I also fixed up some small mistranslations in “Seikimatsu kara no Houkentaiiku,” which have annoyed me for a while.   (That’s the doujin about the two otaku who turn into girls and make out after the world ended.) The line that bothered me the most was about him preferring to do it from the back since facing him was scary.  It was just the nuance that was off, but it bothered me during the re-reads, so I fixed it.

-As a side note, I’ve occasionally fixed old translations, but seldom bothered to make a note of it.    I waited this long to do it since I was not aware that I could make updates to e-hentai galleries without removing the entire gallery.

Two new h-works translated (1 on Wan)

Both of these are available on E-hentai.

“Utopia” by hatch
(Was expunged. Has a wtf ending.)

“1 on Wan” by Greone
My first furry translation. This one was the most fun I’ve had translating in quite some time, and I feel pleased about how it came out.

As an aside, I am quite bored with tg manga now, probably because I have read read so many I’ve lost count. (I’m estimating it is several hundred. ). At some point every release in this genre has started to feel the same. It is therefore unlikely I will devote my limited time toward translating many of them any time soon as a result. Thankfully, my last release showed me that fox girls and furies could be a promising new alternative fantasy fetish, especially when there is tf involved.

Unrelated transcription:

Shingeki no Bahumut: “The promised land” Ending (ED) lyrics.  Sung by Sayo Yamamoto?

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Neko Ane chapter 5



Finished a rough draft of chapter 5 via word document. Honestly this chapter has so little text it doesn’t require much of a translation. It’s so simple I sped through it…

_ _ _ ( / ) _

I’m not sure when new chapters are coming, but you can expect a little break. Even if I do get all the new volumes the entire process of scanlating takes a crazy amount of time, and I doubt I could translate 5 more volumes of this without skipping many chapters. (If there’s anyone following my releases, they’ll know I’ve done that a lot of skipping around in the past.) Incidentally, I read on a Japanese forum that the ending is “moving” and I hope to confirm that for myself someday…


Neko Ane Chapter 4

y fan art (3)


I have a feeling this chapter is easy to relate to for anyone who has studied Japanese to read a light novel, only to learn light novels are shit. Replace “light novel” with manga, visual novel, or Japanese history and you’ll cover 90% of the disillusionment cases out there. What’s beautiful about this chapter is that many of those who read it scanlated have studied Japanese recently enough for the struggles with kanji to still be fresh in their minds. If you can still bear to study Japanese while knowing most novels will look like shit, you are a hero.

As an aside, I am going on vacation so expect a delay. The next chapter, chapter 5 concludes the first volume, and I’m not in a hurry to finish it. Why you might ask? Well because I don’t have any more raws after that, so why rush? I’ve tried to purchase new volumes, (online and through the local specialty book store), but I can’t get them to ship them….either that or they’ve gone out of stock. Irregardless of the reason, I will need help with acquiring the raws, otherwise the future does not look bright for this scanlation.   At least, I’ve learned how to make the scanner work better…